Best of 2022 in Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia
January 10, 2023 News

Best of 2022 in Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia

We finally said goodbye to 2022. A year that created a lot of good memories for us at Caritas Republic in Zambia. Some of the best memories of 2022 are the launch of a project that focuses on climate resilience and winning an award for exceptional collaborative leadership in the delivery of informal financial services. Do you want to know what else we did in 2022? Here are the best moments of 2022 that we can never forget.

1. We launched a project to strengthen the climate resilience of 40,000 smallholder farmers

A female farmer in Western Province benefiting from the project

In Zambia, the impacts of climate change are felt by everyone, but farmers are the most affected. Last year, we launched a project to support small-older farmers in Zambia to withstand the impacts of climate change through innovative technical solutions. 

Zambia's Western province is one of the provinces with the most extensive drought-induced crop failures, coupled with high levels of livestock diseases. That is why Caritas Czech Republic with the support from the World Food Programme and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic will focus on strengthening the resilience of farmers in the Sesheke, Mongu, Kaoma, Mulobezi, Sioma and Senanaga districts of Western Province. 

We will strengthen the capacities of Zambia's Ministry of Agriculture in 6 target districts of Western Province. Thanks to our initiative,  40,000 smallholder farmers will be better able to withstand climate change and will have better access to climate information, weather index insurance and virtual markets. 

2. Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia officially became an award-winning international NGOGO


In October 2022, Caritas Czech Republic had the honour of participating in the Traditional Leadership Luapula Council’s Gala Diner which was held in collaboration with Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSDZ). 

At the event, Caritas Czech republic in Zambia team received an award for exceptional collaborative leadership in the delivery of informal financial services. A huge congratulation goes to our Nchelenge, Kawambwa and Chiengi teams.

3. We opened  a tailoring workshop in Meheba refugee settlement

Worshop building in Meheba refugee settlement

Last year, we focused on improving the livelihood opportunities for refugees and the host communities in Meheba Refugee Settlement thanks to a grant awarded through the Julia Taft Refugee Fund.

Caritas Czech Republic supported refugees by building infrastructure and promoting linkages with the private sector in developing entrepreneurial skills for refugees as well as creating jobs that will make refugees self-reliant. 

Through the Julia Taft funding, Caritas Czech Republic has successfully constructed a modern and well-equipped tailoring and design workshop for the Marvellous Designing group within Meheba Refugee settlement and is now fully operational.

4. We supported  200 refugees to study at the university 

File pic- Refugee students being supported by Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia through Cavendish University and UNHCR

Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia with the support from UNHCR and the Cavendish University Zambia has successfully awarded 200 scholarships to 200 refugees to study in various fields. 

The scholarship programme aims at enrolling top refugee students to study for free on a UNHCR-Cavendish scholarship at Cavendish University Zambia starting February 2022. 

The successful students have since started school and have gone through proper orientation on how to go about campus life. 

5. We celebrated 30 years of DAFI scholarships

DAFI scholarship Annual Workshop and anniversary celebration held in Lusaka at M’kango Golfview Hotel

In 2022, the German Academic Refugee Initiative Albert Einstein DAFI scholarship celebrated its 30th anniversary and 4 years with Caritas Czech Republic at M’kango Golfview Hotel in Lusaka. The DAFI scholarship was founded and launched in 1992 and is currently supporting refugees in 55 countries, most of which are in the Southern hemisphere. 

Since its inception, the DAFI scholarship programme has supported 22,500 young refugees. Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia is delighted to be part of this life-changing programme for refugees. Since 2019, over 25 scholars have graduated from different higher learning institutions in Zambia. 

In 2007, 1012 students from different countries participated in the programme. Since then, the numbers have continued to grow rapidly. In 2021, 8307  refugees participated in the programme with the percentage of women increasing by  41%.

Currently, Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia is working with the University of Zambia, Cavendish University Zambia, LAMU - Lusaka Apex Medical University, MULUNGUSHI UNIVERSITY, The Copperbelt University, Zambia Christian University , Eden University, SENANGA COLLEGE OF NURSING & MIDWIFERY, ZAMISE  and Levy Mwanawasa Medical University

Meanwhile, the students have shown great appreciation to Germany Embassy and its implementing partners for this great initiative. They are saying ‘Danke Schon!’

6. Caritas Czech Republic took part in the first-ever Western Province Trade, Tourism and Investment Expo 

Our staff in black t-shirts giving information to the minister in grey suit

In October 2022, we participated in the first-ever trade, tourism and investment expo held in Western Province of Zambia. The expo ran for 5 days and we had various stakeholders and visitors frequenting our stand. 

On day 4 of the expo, we had the privilege of being visited by the Western Provincial Minister Hon. Kapelwa Mbangweta, MP. The minister was pleased to meet our staff and noted with thanks our work and support to the people of his constituency in Nkeyema district. 

He noted that Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia is a major partner supporting smallholder farmers and various social groups in many areas of Mongu, Kaoma and other districts and would like to see more collaboration with other stakeholders and the government, in particular, adding that this is key to addressing issues of economic growth in the province. 

The farmers we support through our value chains initiative also had a chance to exhibit and share information on how their products can foster economic growth in the province with our visitors and stakeholders. 


The year 2022 was good. Despite a few challenges that we experienced, we managed to achieve more than what has been mentioned above. 

As we begin 2023, our aim is to intensify our humanitarian and developmental assistance and extend it to even more people who are in need. To ensure that the farmers, the host community and the refugees we support become self-reliant as well as be able to withstand climate change.