What we do

Access to Education

Access to Education and Social Protection

CCR Mission in Zambia seeks to improve access to education for both refugee households and host communities. CCR provide for three types of education support, as follows - primary and secondary education: full sponsorship offered to refugee children in order to ensure their right to access to education, DAFI Scholarship: a project funded by UNHCR through German Cooperation and Vocational and Entrepreneuship Traning Sponsorhip Program (VETSP) targeting refugees and host communities’ families.

Business and Ennretpreneurship

Access to Business and Entrepreneurial opportunities

CCR Mission in Zambia seeks to improve livelihood and economic inclusion and food security of refugeehouseholds and host community households through support of agriculture production, agriculture and business-skills training, extension services, improved access to market and financial services and increased environmental awareness. CCR hires experts in different sectors of development such as in agriculture, financial literacy, Information and Communications Technology(ICT) and established entrepreneurs to run different trainings.

Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion Through Traditional Leadership 

CCR targets population with little financial literacy to access financial services through the formation of Savings Groups where they go through intensive trainings and have access to modern technologies to help with financial inclusion processes. CCR uses market-based approach using Master and Community Based Trainers as an entry point and stepping stone into the communities, close collaboration with traditional chiefs are established and maintained throughout the project implementation.

Livelihoods and Agriculture

Livelihood and Agriculture 

CCR Mission in Zambia implements Agribusiness in Livelihoods, Innovation, Food Security and Empowerment with the aim of improving agricultural productivity and increasing income of medium-scale farmers through capacity building, value chain development and access to markets where they can purchase their agriculture inputs and also a platform to sell their produce once they harvest.

Social Services

Access to Social Services 

CCR Mission  works with less privileged communities to promote better access to social services and improve their social welfare, help them build stronger communities, promote equality and opportunity by running different campaigns and trainings that help equip the communities with the necessary skills. CCR Zambia has built and opened two operating ICT Corners to help the communities harness computer literacy skills.  


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