Internships and volunteering

Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia offers many opportunities to get involved in our projects through internships or volunteering activities and experience what it is like to work in our organization. Opportunities are open to all who are interested and want to support and enable the further development of our work. Students, recent graduates and enthusiasts can complete an internship with us according to the specific focus of their studies. 

Modester Nkatiko, an Outreach Volunteer at Caritas CR has worked for a good number of years. She says, 'I’m an advocate for refugees and seeing the lives of some clients being transformed is what I’m passionate about as well as ensuring that refugees rights are being reinforced in the lives of Refugee in the community, I serve as one of the volunteers and this is a thing that I delight in.'

Modester, Volunteer

Who is the internship for?

CCRZ internship programs vary and can be attached to a particular project or organization’s general activities and needs, regarding communications, office management, procurement, finances, etc. Students and recent graduates who are interested in operation of humanitarian aid organization can join our team for 6 months (at least 20/h per week).

What skills should you have?

As we are an international team in Zambia, interns should have a very good command of English, motivativation to learnt, good team player, excellent communication skills and be willing to share some exciting time with us. Depending on the focus of the internship, the candidate will be required to have a knowledge of a particular field.

How can I help as a volunteer?

Volunteer activities allow for short- and long-term involvement in our organization’s work at the grassroots. In particular, your dedication, motivation and reliability is the core to participate in non-profit sector activities.

What can we offer you in return?

The opportunity to work with a great team of open and enthusiastic people, to deepen your existing knowledge under the guidance of experienced professionals, the opportunity to make new contacts and the chance for future long-term cooperation. We will be happy to provide you with a certificate of completion of your internship, volunteering or Letter of Recommendation.

Are you interested in an internship or volunteering in our department?

Keep an eye on the current vacancies advertised in our careers section or send us your CV to