How tailoring has enhanced Beya Biakunienga’s life, thanks to Caritas Czech Republic
July 25, 2022 News

How tailoring has enhanced Beya Biakunienga’s life, thanks to Caritas Czech Republic

When people flee their countries because of wars and conflicts to seek a better and peaceful country, they often think their life will run smoothly without any challenges. Unfortunately, the reality is usually disappointing. Life becomes even harder as they settle in refugee camps, especially if they do not have any skills to help them provide for themselves. Thanks to Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia, Beya Biakunienga, a refugee in Mayukwayukwa refugee settlement now has a skill that will better her life forever.

Caritas comes to Beya’s aid

Beya showing us some of the dresses she has made

Beya is a 27 years old woman who lives in Mayukwayukwa refugee settlement in Kaoma district of  Western Province and was born to Congolese parents. Despite being born in Zambia, she is still regarded as a refugee and has no access to equal opportunities that can better her life. For many years she lived a very hard life trying to provide for her three young children. It was not until Caritas Czech Republic visited her settlement and offered support to many youths like her that her life saw the light of the day. 

Beya’s life changes for the better

Beya showing us some of the woven wall mats she made through her basket weaving skills

Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia has been supporting refugees in Mayukwayukwa since 2014. In 2020, Beya was among the many refugees who received help from Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia. 

Caritas supported Beya and sent her to a tailoring training institution that she liked a lot. She says this new skill has been nothing but a blessing as it has had a positive impact on her life.

“Becoming a tailor has improved my life. I didn’t know anything, I didn't have any skill. When  I heard that there was this support by Caritas Czech Republic was supporting refugees in Mayukwayukwa to attend a vocational course, I immediately applied,” Beya says gratefully.  “I trained to be a tailor and found something to do in my life.”

With the skill that she learnt, Beya now sews shirts, uniform skirts and dresses. Because she is a proactive young woman, she also took time to learn how to weave baskets when she saw other women doing it in the church.

“Now I can feed my children properly, send them to school and buy clothes for them,” Beya says thankfully. 

What’s next for Beya?

Beya is a very ambitious young woman who wants to establish a sewing company specialising in clothing designs and hopes to receive more support to expand her business.