Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia conducts the first ever market day in Meheba refugee settlement
May 3, 2023 News

Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia conducts the first ever market day in Meheba refugee settlement

With a large population of refugees and host communities living in Meheba Refugee Settlement, trade and commerce are inevitable. That is why Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia in partnership with UNHCR, the Ministry of Agriculture and other partners organised the first-ever market day in Meheba Refugee Settlement.

Market day as an opportunity to connect sellers and customers

The first ever market day aimed at providing sustainable market solutions to persons of concern (POCs) and host communities in and around the Meheba refugee settlement. Individuals, traders, potential buyers, consumers, off-takers and companies in Kalumbila district and other surrounding districts were all invited to the market day to interact with some of the farmers and entrepreneurs we support.

To get more people to participate in the Market Day, Caritas Czech Republic in Zambia carried out community sensitizations within the Meheba refugee settlement and Manyama market. Stakeholders and key players from sellers and buyers were not left out during this event.

The first-ever Market Day brought together 137 people, including farmers and small businesses from Meheba refugee settlement and the surrounding community who came with various agricultural produce and products for sale.

Traders and consumers seen at Meheba Refugee Settlement Junction during the market day

Many vendors brought tomatoes, beans, sweet potatoes, fresh groundnuts, rape, cabbage, sugarcane, lemons, African eggplants, cassava, avocado, Meheba nice porridge, rice, soya beans, pumpkin leaves, cucumbers, fresh maize, popcorns, pumpkins and other green vegetables, but also traditional baskets and tailor designed clothes.

Consumers and traders came from different places but a large number of traders were mainly from Manyama, others came from Meheba junction, Lumwana mine area, passers-by from Solwezi to Kalumbila and vice versa.

The future of market day

It was encouraging to see the willingness to participate from both sellers and buyers. The next market day is scheduled for 29th May 2023.